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January 3, 2017  

Thank you for your interest in purchasing the audio version of A Tale of Two Houses-Our journey of buying a home the right way after buying one the wrong way

I’m excited to release the audio version of A Tale of Two Houses and have included 10 bonus enhancement chapters, including:

  • Renting vs. Buying
  • Is a House an Investment or a Liability?
  • Three Things to Consider Before Buying a House
  • Where to NOT Get a Down Payment From
  • Seven Creative Ways to Come Up with a Down Payment
  • Getting Ready to Sell Our House with Guest Lisa White
  • We’re In Contract! With Guest Lisa White
  • Getting Ready to Move with Guest Lisa White
  • Wrapping Up the Whole Home Buying Experience with Guest Lisa White
  • The JW’s Manifesto on Money

The total time of the book is 4 hours and 50 minutes including the bonus enhancements.

(Get it FREE on Audible with a 30-day Free Trial)

To purchase through Podbean click on the “Buy single Episode Now” button at the top of this page. After purchasing the episode you can download the episode to your computer and use it as your leisure.

Currently the price to purchase A Tale of Two through Podbean is $6.99, which is the lowest price you’ll find it.

However, if you want to purchase it through iTunes, Amazon, or Audible to use through their interface you can do so as well.

You can also get the book free by becoming a member of Audible. Visit JWFinancialCoaching.com/Audible to sign up for your 30 day free trial.

(Get it FREE on Audible with a 30-day Free Trial)

In addition you can purchase the digital copy over at Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

Thanks for purchasing a copy of A Tale of Two Houses!

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