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August 18, 2014  
  • Can a spender learn to save money if it is not their natural tendency?
  • Why being a spender is not a bad thing
  • What keeps us from saving money
  • Ways to help us save more money
  • Quote of the week

Can a spender learn to save their money? I hear all the time from people, "I'm a spender, so I can't possibly be expected to live on a budget or save money?"

But is that a valid reason to not save money? On today's lesson we discuss why being a spender is not a bad thing, but rather it is the over spending that gets us. We also discuss what three things that keeps us from saving money, how to change those three things into our favor, and give three practical ways to increase your saving each month.

This lesson's quote come from Dan Miller of 48days.com.  This quote comes from Dan's latest book, that he co-authored with his son Jared Angaza, titled Wisdom Meets Passion.

"Money is like fire: it can burn you and leave you disfigured, or it can keep you warm and safe." ~ Dan Miller-Wisdom Meets Passion

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