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December 21, 2015  
  • Final Lesson of 2015 sharing my random thoughts on the Christmas season
  • Christmas gifts are about the children
  • Having the spirit of giving throughout the year, not just in December
  • Saving for Christmas in January
  • 2015 was great, looking forward to even better things in 2016

The JW’s Financial Coaching Podcast_92In this final lesson of 2015 we are going to discuss Christmas. Specifically I'm sharing some thoughts I have had in my mind this year. It is a little bit different of a show but we are going to discuss primarily the following three topics:

  • Gift giving is about the children-Maybe I've changed a lot on this subject because I've had children or maybe it is because I'm older now but to me giving gifts is about the children. Remember when you were a young child and woke up on Christmas Day? It was such a magical time. But you don't have to give gifts to just our children to experience that. Giving gifts to children in need is such a special thing to do and is so much more enjoyable than adding another DVD or sweater to your collection.
  • Spirit of giving-While December is the unofficial "giving" month of the year, the best giving we can do is throughout the year, not just in December. Giving is a major component of a healthy financial plan and when done correctly it is such a great experience that we hardly miss the money from our bank account. So instead of waiting until December to start giving why not make giving a strategic part of our monthly spending plan today? If we're only in the spirit of giving in December, we are really missing out.
  • Saving for Christmas in January-As we move past the Christmas season and get settled back to our normal lives lets' talk about saving for next Christmas. For some of us that might seem a little too early, but if you want to have a great Christmas next year now is the time to start to think about it. By starting today and saving a little each month it gives us more time to save overall. Planning ahead that far in advance might seem a little bit strange, but that is because no one else does it. By starting to save now there is a real good chance that you could even have more money to spend at Christmas then you normally would be by saving ahead of time.

Finally as this is the last lesson of 2015 I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. My hope is that 2015 was a great year for your finances and that 2016 will be even better. Hard to believe that this is now my fifth year doing the JW’s Financial Coaching podcast but I’m planning on doing some incredible things for 2016 that I’ll be sharing with you in the upcoming months. I wouldn’t be able to do any of these things without you guys and I appreciate you listening to the show as we continue to gain new subscribers each month.

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