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June 29, 2011  

On today’s show we are joined by fellow financial coach Steve Stewart of MoneyplanSos.com. We discuss a series he is doing on his own podcast titled “Living without credit cards”. Steve has a four step process to start living without credit cards. We break down each step and discuss how each is effective for living debt free.

Steve and I both agree that credit cards can do serious harm to your finances and believe that you can live without credit cards. If you don’t think you can, how about trying for one month? Take the no credit cards for one month challenge and see how it goes. Don’t think you can live without credit cards for one month? How about trying for a week? Can’t do it for a week? Why don’t you try this weekend? Getting rid of credit cards won’t be easy, but it is worth it and eventually you will get to the point where you won’t even miss them.

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