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January 8, 2011  

Have any questions/comments/show ideas for an upcoming podcast?  Please give them to us and we would be more then glad to feature them on an upcoming show! Or do you have questions on any one of our services or on financial coaching in general?  Or want to set up a free 30 minute consultation and learn more on how we can help you in your current financial situation? You can contact us in two different ways:

EmailJwfinancialcoaching@gmail.com Please put "podcast" in the subject line and keep your questions brief and we will give you the best answer we can on the podcast.

By Phone - (614)-664-3328 The best time to reach us via phone is between 4-10 P.M (EST) from Monday-Friday. You can call us anytime however and if no one is available to answer the phone please leave a voicemail and we will contact you ASAP.