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May 28, 2011  
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Below is a list of products that I recommended for business or personal use.  All of these products I have used personally so I can vouch for their quality of service.  All links are affiliate links.

Perkstreet Debit card 

The Perkstreet reward debit card works much like a credit card, except you do not have to go into debt to get the rewards.  You can earn up to 2% of your purchases made on the card each month and convert them into gift cards to stores such as Target, Best Buy, Amazon, iTunes, and much more.  That means if you spent $2,000 each month on your debit card, you could get up to $480 a year in gift cards.





Moolala offers an incredible deal from a local or online merchant every day. Each deal will save you 50-90% off retail!  There is also the Moolala PayMatrix. The Moolala PayMatrix is an exciting rewards program where you can earn money by simply referring your friends to Moolala.  You get paid 2% of the deal value on any purchase you make.  Then, if you refer friends, you get paid 2% of the deal value your friends buy. But it doesn’t stop there. You’ll also receive 2% on any deal your friends’ friends purchase, and your friends’ friends’ friends purchase, and your friends’ friends’ friends’ friends purchase. It’s a 2% 5-level rewards system. And these aren’t one-time referral fees.