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January 4, 2012  

Scott Maderer from Focused Intensity Coaching joins us on today's show to share how his family paid off $71,856.64 in debt in just under three years. When Scott and his wife decided to track their spending it blew their minds. The big key for them was changing their behavior. What kept them going for those three years was relying on each other and surrounding themselves with other people who were trying to be weird also. In the end they tried to make weird feel normal.

In the beginning of the process, Scott got teased at work by his co-workers. But Scott wore it as a badge of honor and by the end of it they were coming to him asking for advice!

Scott started FocusedIntensityCoaching.com to give advice and to help people achieve freedom in their lives. They really have a heart to help young professionals who are just starting out in life.

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