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January 18, 2012  

Matt Wegner joins us on today’s show to discuss how he and his wife paid off over $10,000 in debt. It took Matt all of one day to get the debt. All he had to do was visit the local truck dealership and that was it. Although it was not a lot of debt, it took a complete change in mindset for him and his wife to live debt free. In addition to paying off their truck, they were able to be able to pay off their house and be totally out of debt.

When Matt and his wife, Janelle, sat down to do a budget for the first time they each had to walk away and it took over 5 hours. Today, because they are on the same page, they can do it in less than 30 minutes. Before when they tried to budget, it was just one person doing it, but now they are able to communicate openly, they each have a vote and agree on where they are spending their money.

When Matt lost his job, initially he was worried, but then realized that since he had no debt, he was actually free to chase his dream of self-employment. He has been a financial coach for almost five years at financialexcellence.net in addition to having another business at greatoutdoors.com. Matt also does the weekly Living in Financial Excellence podcast which he enjoys. Doing all this would not be possible if they were not out of debt.

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