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August 21, 2011  

On today’s show we are joined by Steve Stewart of Moneyplansos.com. Steve has been a guest before on the show discussing how to dump credit cards. But today he joins us to discuss the book Debt Free U by Zac Bissonnette. In Zac’s book he shows why student loans can be very dangerous, what parents can do to negatively impact their child’s economic future as well as their own, and he shows how you can actually graduate from college without any student loans by simply working hard and going to a school you can afford.

Steve and I have a great discussion and talk about some of our favorite chapters in the book including the dangers of student loans, the public vs. private school debts, and even the ridiculousness of the FAFSA form. Steve has had Zac on his podcast as a guest and he is a very smart and knowledgable guy.

This is a must read for not only students and parents of college students, but also for fellow financial coaches to use as a good resource when you are working with clients.

In addition, Steve also discusses how he thought of the idea for the Great Recovery on I-70 series and what he hopes will come out of this. Remember if you are in the Central Ohio area please join us on Sept 13th at 7pm at the Hilliard Branch of the Columbus Library. We would love to have you there and hope you bring a friend. For more information or to RSVP please visit our Meetup page.

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