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On today’s show we discuss an email I received from a listener wanting to know my advice about becoming a financial coach. Being a financial coach is hard work, but worth it and I share some observations I have learned over the past year about people and how they handle their money.

Personal finance is very personal and it is hard to get people to discuss their finances and to make themselves be vulnerable. In addition people are content with being average financially, but as I and others have talked about before, you don’t want to be average financially.

Finally, we share some more details about a couple of projects JW’s Financial Coaching is doing in the month of September. The first is the Cash, Credit, College, and Career course part of the Great Recovery on I-70 series. For Columbus, Ohio the first class is Tuesday September 13th at 7pm at the Hilliard branch of the Columbus Public Library. We are very excited to be bringing this event to Columbus so we would appreciate it if you would RSVP if you are coming as well as spreading the word around the city.

Also the 1 month to $1,000 Challenge will be starting in September, courtesy of Josh Gordon of the NonConformistFamily.com. I am excited to part of such an amazing group of talented individuals teaching you how to earn an extra $1,000 in one month. To me this is an investment you must make if you are looking for ways to earn some extra money and pay off debt or build a savings fund. You can purchase the course for only $67* and you will receive 3 emails a week filled with interviews, as well as a weekly seminar.

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