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October 23, 2011  

Now is the time to start thinking ahead and start to create your 2012 goals. Why so soon? Well if you are like most, the last two months of the year fly by and before you know it, it’ll be the end of the year. So don’t wait until the last minute to create your goals, do them now while you are not as rushed.

Having joint accounts with your spouse will greatly help not only the way you handle your money, but also how you communicate. The most important thing in handling money in marriage is working together and how can you do that effectively when your money is not combined? Can you make it with separate accounts? Perhaps, but you are also missing the opportunity to have one-ness in your marriage.

It is important to teach your kids about money. That is because they will most likely learn how to handle money from you! That can be a scary thought depending on how you handle money. The most important thing to teach your kids is that you earn money by working and that there are three things we do with money; spend, save, and give.

Liabilities are the opposite of assets; they are obligations that you must pay for prior purchases. Instead of making you wealthy, liabilities make the bank wealthy. Our goal is to encourage you to ELIMINATE your liabilities. Imagine all the options you would have if you did not have any payments.

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