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December 18, 2011  

Highlights of today's show:

  • 2011 Year in Review
  • Tripled our audience in 2011
  • Did special series, had guests on the show, and launched a new podcast series
  • 5 favorite shows of 2011
  • 5 most downloaded shows of 2011
  • Big goals for 2012

2011 was a great year for the JW's Financial Coaching Podcast. Our audience tripled in size from January to December andwe released 74 shows throughout the year! To help close out 2011, today's show is a review of some of the highlights of the year.

The show has done a lot of different series over the past year:

In addition, the podcast started to have guests on the show. A big thanks to Steve Stewart, Joshua Gordon, and of course my wife Lisa not once, but twice for being on the show this year! We are looking forward to having even more guests on the show in 2012. In addition the Debt Free Living Podcast was started in the fall of this year and has been a huge success so far!

My favorite 5 podcasts of the year:

5. Does your credit score matter? 02/10

4. The financial issues 20 somethings are facing in 2011 02/17

3. "Quitter" by Jon Acuff review 09/05

2. How to prepare financially during a pregnancy 08/08

1. Why you need to focus on improving YOUR economy 08/01

The 5 most downloaded podcasts of the year:

5. How to prepare financially during a pregnancy 08/08

4. Money and Marriage with special guest Lisa White 09/26

3. What are you doing to better your finances 07/18

2. "Debt Free U" by Zac Bissonnette review with guest Steve Stewart 08/22

1. "Quitter" by Jon Acuff review 09/05

We have some big goals for the show next year. We would like to at least triple our audience again in 2012. But to do that we need your help! If you are a listener to the show, please consider subscribing to us through Feedburner or iTunes if you are not a subscriber already. In addition, if you enjoy the show we appreciate you spreading the word to your friends through the various social media outlets. We had a great 2011 but are looking forward to an even better 2012!

You can find all prior editions of the podcast at the podcast archive page. Or you may listen to the podcast on the JW's Financial Coaching Facebook Fan page.

If you have any comments, questions, or ideas for future shows you can send them to me and I will integrate them into a future show.  Email me at JWFinancialcoaching@gmail.com - Please put “podcast” in the subject line and keep your questions brief so they are readable on air.

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