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Today’s show is really about making changes in your life to better your finances. We discuss how to stop living in the moment financially and how start having a long-term view of your life. On the heels of last week’s challenge on the podcast to do something that will help your finances, I share what my wife and I have done this past week to better our family’s finances. Finally we discuss Dave Ramsey’s Great Recovery and what you can do to help the movement.

Living in the moment can be fun for a while, but eventually it takes its toll on us financially. As mentioned before on previous podcasts, impulse buying does not work as well as planning. But do not worry; there are several steps you can take to start having a long-term view on your finances.

With the birth of our son, Joshua, on July 10th, it has brought several new factors into our finances. We are deciding what changes we will be making to our budget as well as deciding how to invest some money for his college fund. I have talked about ESA and 529 plans before on the show, but there are other variables to consider such as how much are we willing to pay for his education and where do we want it invested. Finally Dave Ramsey’s The Great Recovery webcast was last Thursday. I give a brief review of the show and discuss what I am going to do to help. In case you missed it replays are available and you can sign up to join the party.

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