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December 4, 2011  

Topics covered on today's show:

  • When do you sell the house?
  • Facebook poll results
  • Exciting finish to 2011 for the podcast
  • November was a big month for JW’s Financial Coaching
  • Great Recovery on I-70 finale

One of the most difficult situations I deal with when working with clients is when to sell the house. Selling a house can be very emotional and I recommend it only as a last resort. There are legitimate reasons why someone might consider selling their house, however and we break those reasons down and give both the pros and cons of each.

Last week on Facebook, I asked a poll question dealing with how much you were planning to spend on Christmas this year. So far the results have been pretty interesting. If you have not responded yet please do so. I am just curious to see what our listeners are doing for Christmas. If you have any comments, questions, or ideas for future shows you can send them to me and I will integrate them into a future show. Please Email me them at JWFinancialcoaching@gmail.com -You may subscribe to the Podcast either through Feedburner or iTunes.

You can find prior editions of the podcast at the podcast archive page or by visiting our Facebook Fanpage.

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