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November 20, 2011  

Today we wrap up the Personal Finance A-Z series by discussing Wills, Extra income, Yearly goals, and Zero-based budget. It is not fun to talk about death, but death is inevitable so you might as well die with a will in place. Wills are not only inexpensive they also will help your heirs sort through your assets more easily, in addition to saving both time and money.

Extra income can really jump start your debt snowball. There are a few different ways to earn extra income. Work some overtime, get a second job during the night and on weekends, or start a business on the side.

It’s never too early to start thinking about your goals for 2012. Yearly goals are important to my family and I recommend that everyone make the time to do yours before the end of the year. To help you with some financial goals I have created the dreams and goals worksheet. But your goals don’t just have to be financial. You can also make spiritual, life, career, marriage, and physical goals among others.

A zero-based budget is one of the main keys in a healthy financial plan. A lot of people say they have a budget but really it is just a guesstimate of what they spend. Instead a zero-based budget is giving every dollar you will earn for the month a name so every single dollar is accounted for. If you don’t have a zero-based budget and just have “extra” money at the end of the month, typically it gets lost in the shuffle.

Finally if you have not yet registered for our November Giveaway, please do so today. We will be giving away a free copy of the book The Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey at the end of November. It is pretty simple to register and no purchase is necessary.

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