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We’re kicking off a new series on the podcast titled “Personal Finance A-Z.” For the next few weeks we will be going through the alphabet letter by letter and defining different buzz words in personal finance. Today we cover letters A-C with Assets, Bonds, and Cash. What kind of assets do you want to have, what’s the difference between a bond and a stock, and why is cash the official payment method of the podcast? All those questions are answered and more on the show.

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In addition for those of you in the Central Ohio area, on Tuesday October 11th at 7pm at the Columbus Library-Hilliard branch, we will be having the second course of the Great Recovery on I-70 series. October’s class is all about credit. The class will last approximately 90 minutes and is open to the public. Feel to free to invite your friends and we’d love to meet you in person.

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