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March 30, 2011  

Today’s show touches on a few topics.  First, is a real life example of the importance of setting personal financial goals.  I discuss how my wife and I started to set personal financial goals at the end of 2010, and how that has enabled us to do what we have done financially so far in 2011.

Next, with Financial Literacy month in April, I discuss in detail what some personal finance coaches, including myself, are doing to help spread the word. Look for a daily YouTube video posted on Facebook, Twitter, and the blog dealing with a financial literacy question of the day. In addition, the shows in April will be dealing with the topic of financial literacy.

Finally, I talk a little bit about why I am giving away Free Financial Coaching in the month of April to help promote Financial Literacy. Why am I doing this? Am I crazy? Perhaps, but mostly I just want to help people have a better understanding of their finances anyway I can. I also discuss how you can help spread the word.

Some of the blog posts mentioned in the show:

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