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May 5, 2013  

Highlights of today's show:

  • How to talk about money amongst your peers
  • Why talking about money is so taboo
  • How talking about money can encourage you and your peers
  • Talking about money the right way and the wrong way
  • Discount through May on the "You graduated from college . . . now what?"

Supposedly there are three things you aren't supposed to bring up in conversation: 1.) Politics 2.) Sex 3.) Religion But I think a fourth thing needs to be added to the list: money. On today's show we share why we have a tough time as a culture discussing money. I feel that one of the reasons why we struggle with finances in our nation is due to our inability to talk about money properly. However when we do talk about money we make it awkward. Here are some things to do and not do when discussing money with your peers.


  1. Talk about YOUR past and present
  2. Be proud of your accomplishments
  3. Realize that you won't agree with everyone on how to handle money


  1. Ask someone point blank how much they earn
  2. Ask how much someone has in debt
  3. Tell people what to do with their money

I asked on Twitter why money is such a taboo subject to discuss and I got the following response. Please let me know your thoughts by following me at JWFinCoaching



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